Kenth Carlsson established BoMo Industri El in 1986 and made it into a corporation in 1987. BoMo is a small and cumulative company, which is specialized within building automatic control panels.

We design, program and install all sort of machines, and we customize our products to fit the costumers’ needs and wishes. We also rebuild older existing machines using the latest technology. When the machines are in production we also repair them. We also have recourses to assist you if you need help with the installation on machines that you have build yourself. Our primary suppliers are Siemens and Mitsubishi.

Our personnel have many years experience from the industry progress within industrial production. In addition our personnel have skill within pneumatic and hydraulic jobs. BoMo has a workshop where we can receive smaller machines and rebuilding them.

BoMo collaborate with Svets och Legoteknik AB and Lundwalls Allteknik AB which makes it possible for us to offer complete projects.

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